Current turnaround approximately 5-7 business days, including express post orders. Please allow extra time for custom designs.

Assembly & Application Instructions

Chip Bags

Our Chip Bags are pre-assembled and ready for you to fill!

Fill with small snack size chips, popcorn, cookies etc and simply peel the adhesive strip along the top opening to seal.

The Chip Bags are not grease proof so only use food items in original packaging or zip lock bags.

Chocolate Wrappers

Our Chocolate Wrappers are made to suit the Aldi Choceur 40g bars. They are printed on an adhesive photo paper ready for application!

Carefully remove the paper packaging, leaving the foil in tact. Peel a small section of the new wrapper (on the opposite end to the nutrition panel) and fold down.

Place this end down onto the chocolate bar approximately 8mm from the edge, ensuring the wrapper is straight. Turn over and peel the remainder of the backing from your wrapper, the wrap around the chocolate bar.

Assembled chocolates may be stored in the refrigerator. It is recommended to store in an air tight container avoiding condensation and moisture. 

M&M Mini Chocolate Tube Stickers

Our M&M Mini Tube Labels are designed to be placed over the existing label.

Remove plastic packaging from around the lid of the tube. Line your new sticker up straight and wrap around tube.

Pop Top Stickers

Our Pop Top Stickers are designed to fit the Berri Brand Pop Tops available from Woolworths Supermarkets.

You can choose to either remove the existing sticker, however this can sometimes be difficult, or you can place your new sticker directly over the top.

Water Bottle Stickers

Water Bottle sizes can vary from brand to brand. We have designed our stickers to suit the Coles brand 350ml and 600ml water bottles. They may also be suitable for other brands.

Remove existing sticker and apply new sticker.

Bubble Wand Stickers

Our Bubble Wand Stickers are designed to go directly over the existing sticker.

Fairy Floss Stickers

Our Fairy Floss Stickers are suited to the 60g tubs available from Big W. 

Remove the existing sticker and clean any sugary residue if necessary. Apply your new sticker.

Popcorn Box

Our Popcorn Boxes will come flat. Simply open out and push bottom to lock into place.

Stacked Chips

Our Stacked Chips labels are designed to fit the Aldi brand stacked chips. Our labels are printed on a gloss photo paper and will have double sided tape attached. Place the side down with the diagonals first (right hand side of the label), wrap around and place the other side down. I prefer to remove the plastic lid before attaching label.

Lid stickers can be stuck directly onto plastic lid.

If you require any further assistance with your items, please do not hesitate to contact us.